About us

Wicked Swords specialise in handmade samurai swords and katanas. Our swords are hand forged, battle ready, works of art that are suitable for both warriors and collectors. Nothing makes us happier than seeing these authentic masterpieces in the hands of our customers.

Our sword masters use traditional full hand forging to create the perfect blade. Fully functional and battle ready. The accessories of the sword are all authentic from the ray skin handle, to the silk sage-o and copper oxidized fittings. These are best swords you will find. Our Katanas are hand made in our forge and sent directly to you.

Our sword masters offer a range of samurai swords and katanas. While every blade is a work of art, some blades are worked on for weeks to achieve masterful folded steel with thousands of layers.

For experienced warriors who know exactly what they want, our sword masters can customise every element of your katana. Blade size, handle size, blade material and katana fittings are just a few of the options you can customise. We love helping our customers build their favourite sword. This service is completely free so drop us a line any time.